Current Clinical Practice

 It is no secret that there are major differences between the various professional groups (orthopedic technologists, podiatrists, physicians). This applies to the methods used for foot analysis, the determination of the foot type and the terminology used. In addition, previous research (see also Orthopedic Care Innovation) shows that there also are significant differences within the professions.

FOOTyWEAR is a first step to map these differences and to look for a constructive solution. No less than ten experts from the professions have committed themselves to put their expertise at our disposal for a measurement campaign at the end of 2013: they will analyse the same 100 feet, each according to their own method. In the selection of the subjects, the aim is to achieve the greatest possible variety of “normal” feet. This important measurement campaign will be extensively documented and analysed, mapping the methods and conclusion. Where exactly are the differences? To what extent do different methods give the same conclusions, and to what extent are they complementary? How do we define “foot types”?