Biomechanical Foot Analysis

In this part of the FOOTyWear project, conducted by MOBILAB in collaboration with the Flemish user committee, the methods for biomechanical foot analysis are examined. The aim is to adequately diagnose foot problems.

There is a great variety of methods for foot analysis: blueprint, podoscope, visual inspection, video analysis, analysis by pressure plate, static 3D scan, etc…. This multitude of methods leads to differences in criteria to determine the foot type of a person, which hampers optimal solutions. In this project, we will look for the best combination of methods to create clarity in this matter.

To achieve this, a group of Flemish foot experts, who analyse feet professionally every day, will analyse 100 feet based on their own method and expertise (see “Clinical Practice”). Simultaneously, the same feet will be measured quantitatively (using the latest techniques such as dynamic 3D scanning), so as to consider these methods objectively (see “Quantitative Analysis). Often, these techniques still are too expensive to be used in clinical practice, but in FOOTyWEAR they will be translated into practical methods (see Practical Application"). With this, we pursue a consistent and clinically validated definition of foot types.